Take the Brave, Not Perfect Challenge

Join a six-week crash course to free yourself from the chokehold of perfection and rewire yourself for bravery

If you’re anything like me, you give 110% on everything you do – and you do a lot. You get shit done, and done well. You hate to make mistakes or let anyone down.

And, if you’re anything like me, you’re secretly panicked a lot of the time. You worry that you won’t get everything done exactly right. You lose sleep ruminating over something you said or did that might have offended someone. You don’t dare try anything you aren’t certain you can ace.

The 6-Week BraveNot Perfect Challenge kicks off next week, offering a crash course to help free us from the chokehold of perfection and rewire ourselves for bravery.  

Want in? Here’s what to do:

  1. Check bravenotperfect.com every Monday morning for the announcement of that week’s Challenge. (Every challenge is free, can be done from anywhere, and takes as little as 5 minutes… so no excuses!)
  2. Tune in to Season 4 of the Brave, Not Perfect Podcast every Tuesday for a deeper dive into that week’s Challenge.
  3. Talk to me! Throughout the week, share the ups and downs on social using #bravenotperfect.

I believe this Challenge is so important. When we learn how to take risks, we build the bravery muscles we need to tolerate criticism, rejection, or not being universally liked. We get to see that failure won’t break us.

Because above all, bravery is the direct path to joy. It sets us free and allows us to see that our gloriously messy, flawed, real selves are in fact the true definition of perfection.

Let’s go!!!