#7 Just Start

It really is as simple as that

We all have that “thing” we know we need to do to be happy. Maybe it’s losing the baby weight, having a tough conversation with a boss or a partner, or cleaning your house after years of accumulating clutter. It could be something bigger like starting a business or going back to school. But women have a tendency to talk ourselves out of our pursuing our dreams: we make them into these giant mountains in our heads that seem insurmountable, so we give up before we try.

Your Challenge: Take the First Step
Identify that dream, and take the first step towards achieving it. It’s that simple: just start. Want to start your own business? Buy the URL. Cleaning out your closet? Clean one shelf. Want to start dating again after a breakup? Put yourself on an app. Once you take the first step, the second doesn’t seem quite so big, and before you know it it’s too late to turn back!