My reaction? Pulling my hair out and screaming.

Happy Failure Friday! I’m gonna be honest: I was a hot mess this week. Between vacation travel and work travel it feels like I haven’t been in a good routine in months, and I’ve returned to an epic to do list. Anyone else feeling the pressure of catch up? Too many events I said yes to back in July when they felt sooo far away (how do I always fall for this one!!), too many missed workouts to make up for, and my zero inbox is long gone. My reaction? Pulling my hair out and screaming. But the truth is it’s not a race. Everything gets done. It’s going to be fine. And stressing out just makes the hunkering down phase that much more unpleasant. So this weekend, chill, drop the to do list, and remember in a week you’ll be back on top. Bonus points if you cancel something you overcommitted to!