Does my son really need a dance party before we brush our teeth every night?

Happy #FailureFriday! So, confession: I’ve been losing my patience with my son all week. If you have spent 5 minutes with me, you know that I like to do things fast. I walk fast, I talk fast, when it comes to my work… I’m always flipping ahead to the conclusions and next steps. Shaan… not so much. Like his dad, he moves at a little bit of a different pace 🙂 He’s not doing anything wrong per se, he’s just doing it his way. Like, how can I expect him to brush his teeth until he has stopped to perform a dance in the hallway? Finally after I snapped at him to hurry up, he said “Mommy, why are you shouting? It’s not nice.” GOOD POINT, SHAAN! Motherhood is an amazing test of patience, but it’s also a great reminder to appreciate everyone for who they are and how they roll. So here’s to valuing the different styles (and speeds) people operate in, and incorporating some dancing in our morning routines ???? #bravenotperfect