Glamour: Why women need to start being brave not perfect

By Glamour

Why women need to start being brave not perfect… just like men have been told to their entire life

Reshma Saujani was a Yale Law School graduate and working in prestigious corporate roles, but her dream had always been to run for public office. In 2010, as she realised she was enjoying her job less and less, she reached a moment of deep despair where she realised something needed to change, and she did something she never thought she’d be able to do – she quit her job, and at the age of thirty-three, ran for US Congress.

In her book, Brave, Not Perfect, Reshma chronicles her journey and discusses the ways that women are raised to avoid risk and failure at all costs, as she had, sharing tips for women to break free of this conditioning themselves in order to live a happier, more successful and more satisfying life.

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