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6-Week Bravery Challenge

#1 Everyday Bravery: Stop People Pleasing

Do one simple thing you wouldn’t normally do, because you’re worried about what someone else might think.

#2 No Fucks Given

Challenge: Be like Cardi B, do something that screams I don't care

#3 Let’s Get Physical

Get active! Try something physical that you've never done before not for the sake of getting fit or losing weight but to do something new!

#4 Use Your Hands

Hang up a picture frame, troubleshoot that IT problem. Do something you've told yourself you can't do because you're not technical/handy/etc.

#5 Do Something You Suck At

Challenge this week: Get a hobby.

#6 Ask The Dumb Question

Challenge: Raise your hand in a meeting, make your voice heard in every room you're in

#7 Just Start

It really is as simple as that