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6-Week Bravery Challenge

Everyday Bravery: Just start

It really is as simple as that

Ask the Dumb Question (ft. Dr. Joy Bradford)

Reshma Saujani explores why we wait to have the perfect question to raise our hands

Do Something You Suck At

Challenge this week: Get a hobby.

Everyday Bravery: Use Your Hands

Hang up a picture frame, troubleshoot that IT problem. Do something you've told yourself you can't do because you're not technical/handy/etc.

Everyday Bravery: Let’s Get Physical

Get active! Try something physical that you've never done before not for the sake of getting fit or losing weight but to do something new!

Brave, Not Perfect Challenge – No Fucks Given

Challenge: Be like Cardi B, do something that screams I don't care

Everyday Bravery: Stop People Pleasing

Do one simple thing you wouldn’t normally do, because you’re worried about what someone else might think.

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