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The desire to be perfect holds us back in so many ways. We stick to doing only the things we’re good at, rarely going beyond what makes us feel confident and comfortable.

When we hold ourselves back for fear of not being good enough, or failing, or being rejected, we tamp down our dreams and narrow our world, along with our opportunities for happiness.

How to Build
your bravery muscle

Bravery isn’t about jumping out of an airplane or slaying a dragon. Bravery is a muscle. It’s about going through life with a mindset where in every decision you face, you make the brave choice, or take the bolder path.

No one is born brave. But if we adopt an everyday bravery as a practice, every one of us can learn to be brave enough to achieve our greatest dreams — maybe that’s to climb Mt. Everest or launch a company, or maybe it’s just to live without the fear of judgement hanging over your head all the time.

I want to challenge women to say fuck it: I’m going to say what’s on my mind, I’m going to raise my hand for something I don’t know how to do yet, make a life change that seems impossible, without worrying about the outcome.

What would our lives look like then? What would the world look like?

When we relinquish the punishing need for perfection — or let go of the fear of not being perfect — we find freedom, joy, and all the other good stuff we want in life.

The Brave Not Perfect Facebook Community! We all need a space to candidly discuss our successes and failures, encourage each other to be brave, and seek guidance and support as we leave perfection behind.

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Team brave Challenges

#1 Everyday Bravery: Stop People Pleasing

Do one simple thing you wouldn’t normally do, because you’re worried about what someone else might think.

#2 No Fucks Given

Challenge: Be like Cardi B, do something that screams I don't care

#3 Let’s Get Physical

Get active! Try something physical that you've never done before not for the sake of getting fit or losing weight but to do something new!

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Perfectionism Quiz

A quick, easy way to take stock of how the pursuit of perfection gets in your way and – more importantly – shine a spotlight on the habits you’re soon going to break free of.

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