#4 Use Your Hands

Hang up a picture frame, troubleshoot that IT problem. Do something you've told yourself you can't do because you're not technical/handy/etc.

As women we are so capable in so many ways that we’re used to acing everything we try. But all that perfection gets in the way of our frustration tolerance, and it’s hard for us to sit with things that we aren’t immediately good at. Because boys are encouraged to tinker and build as kids while little girls are steered into other activities, many of us grow up to feel like damsels in distress when it comes to using our hands — and not being perfect right away makes us want to just give up.

Your Challenge: Use Your Hands
This week, build your resilience by using your hands. Do something you’d normally shy away from because you think it’s too hard, or that you’ve gone through life thinking you’re not good at. Get out of your comfort zone!

  • Try cooking a complicated recipe

  • Build a piece of Ikea furniture

  • Fix something broken around your house

  • Be your own tech support – phone is broken? Google it!

  • Hang a piece of wall art