Welcome to Our New Home

Brave, Not Perfect has a new home... and this is it!

Brave, Not Perfect has a new home… and this is it!  Today, we launched bravenotperfect.com as a one-stop shop for all things Brave, Not Perfect. Fan of the TED Talk? Watch it here. Love the podcast? That’s here too! Want to join an inspiring community of women living their best lives by leaving perfectionism behind? You’ve come to the right place.

This website has been a long time coming, and I’m so excited to share it with all of you today. I hope that you will spend some time looking around, reading about this movement, and checking back often for new inspirational content. Really, we have new stuff coming pretty much every day… so go ahead and add bravenotperfect.com to your favorites now 🙂

Thanks for stopping by – and thank you, always, for being Team Brave!